Service philosophy

Seasight Davits service philosophy is always to follow best practice in order to secure that Seasight Davits service personal are able to perform our service jobs in a safe manner and with the highest level of quality.

Service demands

All Seasight Davits OWPC cranes shall be commissioned and serviced according to 13852- 1, 6.2, and 7,4. Seasight Davits OWPC cranes can also be serviced according to specific country regulations if such exist. Seasight Davits has its own commission and service procedure, but Seasight Davits will always incorporate and follow any specific test/service regulations for a specific country or Class if possible. Seasight Davits finds this procedure a raising of the quality of the service jobs.

Man power

All Seasight technicians are highly qualified to perform service on Seasight Davits cranes. Our service personal have the necessary safety courses in order to get access to the access platforms offshore. All Seasight technicians have safety gear as harness, claiming helmet, lifesaving vests and survival suits.