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Our Manufacturer

Ablest Davit Crane Manufacturer

Hvide Sande Shipyard, Steel and Service (HVSA) is an associated corporation and reliable partner in charge of the manufacturing of our davit cranes. HVSA has many years of experience working with customized, advanced steel and aluminum structures not only for the offshore industry but for a wide range of industries.

Since the founding of Seasight Davits in 2011, the two corporations have worked closely together supplying more than 500 offshore wind turbines with davit cranes.

The close cooperation between Seasight Davits and HVSA unites the strengths of both corporations benefitting the customers with direct communication, overview, efficient project management including thorough technical documentation, and customized products.

Shared Know-How and Facilities

Seasight Davits and HVSA share headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Hvide Sande, Denmark. Here, we have easy access to mutual information and expertise, opportunity to work hands on with the cranes and a high level of control through communication and efficiency.

HVSA has approx. 2750 m² manufacturing facilities divided into four sheds, which are all equipped with large 5 and 10 tons bridge cranes handling the wind platform cranes which are all assembled and tested in the shed fitted for this purpose only.

Additionally, Seasight Davits is happy to welcome existing as well as potential customers and business partners for a presentation of the manufacturing facilities, crane components and materials, as well as the wind platform cranes during and after manufacturing.