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Seasight Davits has added a new crane model to their product range, the Man-Riding crane, which is designed and approved for transferring personnel as well as cargo.
This means that the technicians no longer have to climb the boat landing ladders to enter the transitions pieces (TPs), nor is it necessary to equip the TPs with separate lifting systems for personnel and cargo.
The Man-Riding crane takes its point of departure in Seasight Davits’ existing cargo davit crane, the BM-crane with 4 meters outreach and 1000 kg. lifting capacity. In addition, it has been equipped with e.g., an electrical slew, a UPS system, a secondary brake as well as a wireless remote control with a display connected to cameras inside and outside of the personnel basket. This increases the safety of the personnel substantially as the crane operator has visual contact with the personnel as well as the basket and its surrounding avoiding collisions.
Seasight Davits’ cranes are well-known for their Plug and Play design, where all the key components are built into the crane house eliminating the need for disassembling the crane after the factory acceptance test (FAT), which makes the installation of the davit cranes substantially easier and cost effective. Additionally, having the key components protected against the harsh offshore environment, makes the cranes more reliable and increases their lifetime.

Technical Range
Design life 27 years
OSWL single part 1000 kg
Outreach range 4,0 m
Hoisting travel Up to 31 m.
Hoisting speed I Electrical -10m/min
Hoisting speed II Electrical 40 – 20 m/min. between 0 and 1000 kg
Adjustable slewing angle 355° ltd with adjustable dead zone of 11,25°/each time
1 anchor point According to EN50308 placed on pedestal
Hook on point SWL 3000 kg
Rescue point SWL 3000 kg
Slewing Speed Electrical slewing 1 rev per min.
Weight in total Approx. 2100 kg.
Service interval 12 months +/- 1 month.
Safety systems AOPS, HOPS and MOPS
Emergency lowering: The crane is equipped with a handle for emergency lowering of cargo.
Emergency slewing: The crane is equipped with an emergency slewing handle for manual emergency slewing


SWL man-riding 500 kg
Hoisting Speed Electrical and variable 30 m/min
Slewing Speed Electrical and variable 1 rev/min
Cameras and equipment
Features 4 cameras on the basket to ensure safe transfer connected to the wireless control via a wireless connection. The battery, wireless receiver and control unit for the basket are IP67.
Electrical System
Power supply 3x400VAC 50 or 60 Hz. and 1x230VAC 50 or 60 Hz.
Power consumption Approx. 7 kW.
Protection 3×400 VAC 3x25A and 230VAC 16 Amps circuit breaker.
Earthing Stainless steel cable mounted on pedestal
Power cable

Shielded 5 x 4 mm^2 (L1, L2, L3, N, Earth.)
power Plug IP44-IP67 can be provided on request.

Hoisting E- Motor Electrical hoisting motor with electrical 60 N
brake and with standard still heating
Insulation class F
Service form S3-15% ED
Slewing E-motor

Servo motor with integrated absolute encoder.
with standard still heating

Starter cabinet inside crane

Plastic cabinets IP66 mounted inside crane
behind hatch. PLUG and PLAY solution.

Load cell A load cell is incorporated on the crane.
Is used for 90%, 110% and 150% alarms,
warnings and for AOPS release and speed adjustments
Man-riding brake
Electrical brake Breaking force. 10 kN brake
Supply voltage 230VAC- 50 Hz.
Mechanical system  
Features Planetary and worm gear.
Slack rope protection Included
Slewing gear
Gear Planetary gear box.
Transmission Belt drive.
Slewing drive
Features Mechanical Slewing drive greased with special grease for offshore environment.
Loose gear

Wire size


Wire material

Galvanized steel – rotation free type. 

Hook type

Safety hook
Hook material Stainless Steel
Shackle type Lockable with safety pin
Shackle material Stainless Steel.
Counterweight Hot galvanized
Working conditions
Temp. -10/+45° C
Wind speed 10m/sec
Sea state single wire 1000 kg at 2,5 meters significant wave height
Sea state man-riding 500 kg at 2,0 meters significant wave height