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Plug and Play – easy and fast commissioning

Seasight Davits’ platform cranes differentiate because they have all key components installed in the crane house. This is advantageous as the cranes are not disassembled after passing the FAT-tests and therefore still fully functionable when delivered. This means, the commissioning is done faster and more economical.

A new generation of platform cranes

With all key components in the crane house protecting them against the offshore weather conditions, our cranes are more reliable and cost-effective, and the surface treatment of hot galvanizing slows down the corrosion process considerably leaving the cranes and their components less vulnerable at sea.

This design also reduces the numbers of cables connecting the crane to the wind turbine tower to the power cable leaving the risk for water entering the system at a minimum.

With a remote control and all components in the crane house, O&M personnel does not have to enter the wind turbine tower to turn on, operate or service the platform crane. Instead, this can all be done from deck level.

Customized platform cranes

Since Seasight Davits handles the designing and engineering, we also offer customized wind platform cranes. We are always happy to enter a dialogue regarding specific requirements and optimization of our products.

For further information or presentation of our products, please contact us.