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Technical Range
Design life 25 + years
OSWL range 1000 – 2000 kg.
Outreach range 4,0 – 10,0 m
Hoisting travel 25 – 35 m
Hoisting speed 10 m/min. at Speed 1,
up to 40 m/min. at Speed 2
Adjustable slewing angle 355° ltd. Adjustable via sensors.
Slewing speed Electrical slewing with 0,5-2 rpm. Adjustable.
Slack rope protection Included
Luffing for service Jib can be luffed down for service. Full stroke 34 mm/min.
Total weight Approx. 3800-4400 kg.
Electrical System
Power supply 3x400VAC/50 Hz.
Protection 3x32 A. circuit breaker with a C or K characteristic.
Power consumption
Hoisting Approx. 6 kW at 1000 kg. Otherwise depending on lifting capacity.
Slewing Approx. 2,2kW electrical motor with still stand heating drives a planetary gearbox with E-brake motor.
Working conditions
Wind speed 15 m/sec.
Sea state 1000 kg. at up to 2 m. significant wave height.
Temperature -10/+45° C
General operation Plug and Play solution
with integrated starter cabinet and remote control ready for use.
Safety systems AOPS, HOPS and MOPS
Surface treatment Hot galvanized according to Corrosion Class C5M according to ISO:12944-5.

Interior of crane house is treated with extra anti condensation/corrosion treatment.

Service systems Electrical down bendable jib gives easier access to the lifting point and key components from deck level.
Approvals CE marked and according to Machinery Directive Class, or other approvals on request.
External lifting arrangement The lifting arrangement, EX-BM0001-30 can be mounted onto the crane, making it possible to lift 3000 kg. at 1 m. significant wave height.