What we do

Flexible davit crane supplier

Seasight Davits strives to be the best supplier of davit cranes in the offshore wind industry – not only in our products, but also in the services we offer and the cooperation we have with our customers. We make being flexible and meeting all customers’ requirements a top priority.

Our Mission

We develop, sell and service cranes and lifting appliances for the offshore industry to the highest standards.


Our Vision

We will continue to be the benchmark and set the industry standard for our products.


Our Values

  • Trustworthy
  • Very satisfied customers
  • Very satisfied employees
  • Global in our approach

Experienced and passionate about cranes

Industry knowledge and experience are parts of our foundation. And mixed with our passion for our davit cranes, it is our ongoing mission to set the highest standard and keep offering our customers the best cranes and lifting solutions on the market.

service kran

Reliable service provider with fixed price agreements

Seasight Davits has a team of qualified and highly skilled technicians to perform commissioning, service and repair work. We are represented in Denmark, the UK and in Taiwan with local service technicians, training workshops and warehousing.

In-house designing and engineering

Not only do we supply the davit cranes. We also handle the designing and engineering and therefore pride ourselves of being the inventor and product developer. This is highly advantageous as we truly know our products to their core, but it also allows us to take all project-specific requirements into consideration and fulfill these. Additionally, we are guaranteed that our high standard of quality and long-term solutions is not compromised.

We turn thoughts into action

At Seasight Davits, our flexibility is one of our strengths as it gives us the opportunity to customize our products and services.

And due to our flexibility, we easily turn thoughts into actions which is why we are always ready with technical guidance and support as well as sales quotations and service agreements.

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