Proven and reliable crane model

Titan is our original and highly popular davit crane, among others due to its reliability, functionality, and practical design ensuring easy handling. Outreach available from 3 to 5 meters and according to specifications.

Titan has various safety systems such as AOPS, HOPS, and ELL to keep crew and cargo safe while operating the crane. Titan is according to the EN13852-3 standard and encapsulates all components for better corrosion protection in the harsh offshore environment.

Additionally, with our WLL add-on, Titans lifting capacity will increase from 1 to 3 tons.

1 General information
1.1Crane modelTitan
1.2Crane typeFixed boom
1.3Design life (year)35 years operation + 2 years during installation phase
1.4Service interval12 months +/- 1 month
1.5Approvals/StandardsEU Declaration of Conformity (CE marked)
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) directive 2014/30/EU
Low voltage Directive 2014/35/eu
Surface protection: Corrositivity category CX (offshore) according to EN12944-9:2018
Paints and varnishes
EN-13852-3: Light offshore cranes
2 Crane main dimensions
Min: 3.000 mm
Max: 5.000 mm
Max: 5.900 mm

2.3Hook max height above crane base
Max: 4.500 mm

2.4Hoisting height (horizontal hook to LAT)
Max: 32 meters
2.5Slewing handle height
Max: 1.200 mm
2.6Pivot bar height (operation)
1800 - 2000 mm in relation to interface height
2.7Total crane weight
Min: 1.800 kg
Max: 2.300 kg
3 Technical specification
3.1Max rated capacity (WLL)Min: 1.000 kgMax: 3.000 kg
3.2Hoisting type Electrical
3.3Hoisting speed Speed 1: 10 m/minSpeed 2: 40 - 20 m/min
3.4Slewing type Manual or Electrical
4 Electrical
4.1Main power supply 3X400VAC-50 Hz.
4.2Power consumption (full load)Approx. 6 kW.
4.3Protection3x13A circuit breaker
5 Environments
5.1max/min ambient temperatureMin: -20°CMax: +45°C
5.2Max Wind velocity (gust)Operation: 15 m/secStored: 63 m/sec
5.3Max wave height (Hs) Operation: Up to 2.0 meters (depending on WLL)
6 Corrosion protection
6.1Standard reference EN12944-9
6.2Coating system Inside: C3Outside: CX
6.3Main color RAL 7035
6.4Galvanised items All structured steel components
7 Additional options
7.1Step down transformer As option
7.2OVP boxAs option
7.3Alarm monitoringAs option
7.4CEE power inlet As option
7.5Scorpion - External lifting unitAs option

Download loads and drawings

Titan 3,0-10
Titan 3,4-10
Titan 3,7-10
Titan 4,0-10
Titan 4,5-10
Titan 5,0-10
cranes yellow

Seasight Davits makes
customized standard

As Seasight Davits handles the design, engineering, and product development in-house, we always have the opportunity of customizing our davit cranes and lifting solutions to meet all customer requirements and specifications. Additionally, we have a wide range of optional upgrades and retrofit solutions. And we are always happy to examine and evaluate further solutions with our customers.


Scorpion indgang

Increase lifting capacity
to 3000 kg with Scorpion

For davit cranes with 1000 kg. lifting capacity, it is possible to increase the lifting capacity and lift up to 3000 kg. in 1 meter significant wave height.


Seasight Davits’ track records counts numerous projects in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and APAC.


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