Health, Safety,
Environment and Quality

Why we say safety in lift

HSEQ is of utmost importance, and we strive to guarantee the highest level hereof, both for our products and employees. By monitoring, auditing and communicating constructively with our employees, associates and suppliers, we keep focus on our HSEQ management and the ongoing maintenance and improvement of it.

ISO Certified Company

Certified Quality Management System according to ISO 9001

Seasight Davits aims at setting the highest standards for the quality of our products and services as well as customer satisfaction which is why getting the ISO 9001 certificate was of utmost importance.

Also, because improving our ability to supply davit cranes and services which live up to customer requirements as well as local legislations via a structured quality management system is of highest priority.

Still, we acknowledge that maintaining our quality management system is an ongoing process which we choose to invest in as it helps us keeping focus on customer requirements, risk assessments and through documentation, just to name a few.

Health and Safety: ISO 45001 certified

Having a healthy and safe workplace has always been a priority. As the company and the number of employees have grown, we put in an extra effort to maintain our ISO 45001 certification. Deviating from any local rules and regulations has never been a possibility for any of our employees or at any of our workplaces. And even as Seasight Davits was established, measures to keep our employees safe and reduce risks have been taken. Measures such as having and following our Work Environment Policy, annual evaluations of our office facilities and awareness campaigns. And additionally for our technicians working on customer or third-party sites, we make sure they attend all site inductions. Therefore, we have our structured risk management documented by our ISO 45001 certification.

Environment: ISO 14001 certified 

Seasight Davits ISO14001 certification is part of our environmental strategy, which includes waste sorting, reduced energy consumption, well-thought-out transport procedures and sustainable production principles.

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