Fixed-price service agreements

Why choose service from the OEM

Choosing the right service provider is crucial for an offshore wind project as access from transfer vessels to the TPs and turbines is via the davit cranes. Therefore, the davit cranes must be maintained and serviced properly to ensure this access. Seasight Davits has its own teams of highly qualified and in-house trained service technicians in Denmark, UK and Taiwan to cover the international offshore wind market. And we guarantee service is performed according to the davit crane manual as well as specific checklists, method statements and risk assessments.

Fixed price service agreements

Why choose a fixed-price service agreement

Seasight Davits offers service agreements to a fixed price based on the scope of works and customer requirements. The fixed-price concept for our service agreements is created to support our customers as it is very beneficial making budgeting easy and including otherwise unknown costs such as standby time due to adverse weather. Further benefits, just to mention a few, are:

  • Full transparency
  • No surprises in costs
  • Flat fee – No cost increase at 5-year service
  • Easy administration
  • Notification 2-3 months before the davit is due for service
  • Faster response time
  • Incentive for Seasight Davits to supply long lasting products with low maintenance and spare parts needs

Why we say: Safety in lift

Thorough documentation, risk assessments and method statements ensure a high level of HSEQ.

Service container
with the right spare parts           

Seasight Davits has service containers equipped with project specific spare parts and tools for commissioning and service to ensure the timely and efficient execution of the scope of works.

Trusted and reliable service provider
with expertise in davit cranes

Our expert-level technicians are ready for mobilization worldwide. And as they have experience in building the davit cranes, they guarantee service is performed according to best practice.

Additionally, Seasight Davits
is also happy to assist with e.g.:

  • Handling of the cranes
  • Crane operations
  • Trouble shooting
  • Inspections
  • Other according to customer specifications
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