E-learning: Titan Operator Training

The Operator Training consists of two modules, a theoretical and a practical module. Passing the theoretical module is mandatory for participating in the practical training.

Completing this e-learning course is one way of passing the theoretical part of the Operator Training. The theoretical module can also be conducted face to face by a certified instructor.

Passing both the theoretical and the practical training is mandatory before operating the crane.

User training – Train the trainer

We offer the user training course, “train the trainer”. It is a 1-day training course providing the attendees with an understanding of how the crane works and which safety systems it has.

It also gives the training attendees the possibility of training their colleagues in correct usage of a project-specific davit crane.

Theoretical and practical learning

The theoretical learning is based on a thorough walk-through of the operational manual.

In the practical learning, the attendees will do some basic operations with the crane, e.g., general rigging, test its functions and safety features including a walk-through a rescue operation.

Attendees’ requirements

The “train the trainer” is for people working in the offshore industry but it does not require the attendees to be experienced crane operators or technicians.

Training attendees are authorized

The attendees must pass a multiple-choice test proving they have understood the training to satisfaction. After having passed the test, the training attendees are issued a training certificate as confirmation of their qualifications.

Service and repair training course

Our service and repair training course gives our customer’s own technicians the possibility of maintaining and performing basic trouble shooting and repair on a project-specific davit crane.

It is a 2-day training course which with theoretical and practical learning provides the attendees an understanding of how the crane and its safety system work.

The attendees will get familiarized with the operation manual and the maintenance manual for the crane, and they will be introduced to troubleshooting and how to change certain spare parts including critical spare sparts.

Attendees’ requirements

The “service and repair” course require the attendees to have a technical background e.g., as electricians, mechanics or similar, but they do not need to be experienced crane operators or engineers.

“Service and repair” is not offered to third parties.

Servic or Research and development

Specialized training facilities in Denmark and the UK

At our facilities in Denmark and the UK, we have training cranes installed so we can conduct our training courses here. Our training courses take their point of departure in the davit crane manual, but to increase the quality of the training courses, we insist on having practical training included, which is highly valued by our training attendees.

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Service or HSEQ

Onsite training cranes are recommended

As the davit crane is an important element in an offshore wind project, we highly recommend that all relevant parties are trained in operating the davit cranes correctly.

We have experienced that it is advantageous for a project to have its own training crane installed onshore and have Seasight Davits mobilize a trainer instead of sending numerous technicians to our facilities. Also, as it is highly unlikely that training is required only once at the construction phase of a project.

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